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‘Spider-Man 2’ collector’s edition price, bonuses, and more

All you need to know about the Collector's Edition.

We haven’t got much longer to wait for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Pretty soon, we’ll be swinging around the streets of New York as both Peter Park and Miles Morales. What’s even more exciting is that the new PS5 exclusive is giving players the power of the Venom suit as well as an exclusive Venom story; it’s safe to say fans of the web-slinging hero and games, in general, have been eagerly awaiting its release. 

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If you’re really really excited for the game then maybe you’ll want to consider purchasing the Collector’s Edition. A goody box for super fans that offers all kinds of exclusive content for those willing to cough up the extra cash. So when is the collector’s edition coming out? And what do you get with it? And, more importantly, how much does it cost?

Collector’s edition release date

Unfortunately, buying the Collectors Edition won’t give you access to the game any earlier than the rest of the world. Checking out the product on the PlayStation website lists its release as Oct. 20, which is the same day as the general release of the game. You can pre-order the Collector’s Edition right now, though, which may be a good idea if you really want it, considering there will be limited stock. 

Although players won’t get early access to the game with this edition, there are plenty of other cool things offered that definitely make buying it worthwhile.

What’s in the box?

Obviously, it comes with the game itself, in the form of a digital download code only. Strange, considering the bundle comes with a Steelbook display case but no disc to put in it. Aside from that, there’s a pretty cool 19-inch statue featuring Peter, Miles, and Venom. 

In game, there is exclusive content in the form of suits for your character. These include the Arachknight and the Shadow-Spider suit, both of which come in three different color variants. Players can also get an early unlock in the form of the web grabber gadget as well as +3 skill points.

The Collector’s Edition also gives players access to the digital deluxe edition content which includes 10 more suits, five for Peter and five for Miles. There are also extra photo mode items and bonus skill points.

So how much will it cost?

That’s quite a lot of content, but is it worth the asking price? That depends on if you think $229.00 is a fair ask for those items. Personally, I’m a sucker for the cool statues you often get in these collector’s editions, and it definitely looks cool. I could take or leave the other stuff but some people go wild for extra suits and whatnot. The Steelbook is cool, too, but without a disc, it just seems a bit pointless. You could always go out and buy the game physically if you wanted, but after spending that amount of money on a collector’s edition, it’s understandable if you wouldn’t want to.

It’s also worth noting that this is a standard price for collector’s editions these days. In fact, it’s on the cheaper end. For context, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor‘s collector’s edition went for $299.99, but to be fair, it did come with a pretty badass lightsaber.

Spider-Man 2 lands on PlayStation 5 Oct. 20.