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‘Animal Crossing’ Lego Sets release window, pricing rumors, included minifigs, and more

You know you want them.

LEGO Animal Crossing characters
Image via Nintendo/LEGO

It seems like a decade back, but it was really only a few years ago that COVID swept in and changed all of our lives forever.

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Sure, things have largely gotten back to normal, but things will never quite go back to the way they were ahead of the global pandemic. COVID-19 brought with it many things, including increased scrutiny of the government and the massive popularity of a little game called Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Far from the first Animal Crossing release, the 2020 game came at exactly the right time. It propped up a spiraling public with its cutesy characters, simple gameplay, and wholesome, pure approach.

As such, Animal Crossing occupies a new position in the cultural zeitgeist. Its perpetually relevant, even years after most people played New Horizons to absolute death, and Nintendo is cashing in on the franchise’s continued popularity through a collab with LEGO.

Animal Crossing LEGO sets release window

LEGO’s Animal Crossing sets were just recently announced, so their likely release window is still largely unknown. Rumors from some of the web’s most avid LEGO fans claim a release date of March 1, 2024, however, which — at this point in the year — is right around the corner. It also makes some claims about how many sets to expect, and how much they’ll cost, which we’ll discuss below.

How much will Animal Crossing LEGO sets cost?

LEGO sets vary wildly in cost, with some coming in as easy, spontaneous purchases and other’s sporting eye-popping price tags. The Animal Crossing sets largely fall into the former, with the priciest reported set — once again, shared by @Falconbricks, a frequent sharer of LEGO news and leaks — coming in at less than $80. That’s reportedly for the largest set, sporting 535 pieces, which will supposedly run purchasers $74.99. Other sets come in at $39.99 for 389 pieces, $29.99 for 233 pieces, $19.99 for 164 pieces, and $14.99 for the smallest set, which somehow sports more pieces at 170.

Which figures are included?

LEGO Isabelle and Tom Nook
Image via Nintendo/LEGO

A teaser from Nintendo’s own Twitter account announced the incoming LEGO sets, and also gave a glimpse of which figures fans should expect. A lineup of eight characters is all that LEGO lovers have seen of the sets so far, but they’re enough to know which figurines we can expect with the Animal Crossing LEGO launch.

From left to right, the brief teaser features Rosie, Bunnie, Marshal, Kappa, Fauna, Julian, Isabelle, and, of course, Tom Nook. Each of the figures appear to be part of the incoming sets, and feature the same adorable style that helped popularize the Animal Crossing franchise. Other additions, like the charming little present, colorful flowers, and carefully crafted trees will likely also be included, but aren’t guaranteed.

Where to buy Animal Crossing LEGO sets

The Animal Crossing LEGO sets aren’t available just yet, but once they are they shouldn’t be difficult to track down. LEGO’s own website lists each of its (currently available) creations, which makes purchase easy, but you’ll also likely be able to track down the sets at any location that offers up a healthy selection of LEGO products. Just don’t wait too long — once these sets drop, they’re guaranteed to go fast.